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NOVAtime StarBox
(up to 1000 employees)
NOVAtime 4000 Saas
NOVAtime 4000 Star
NOVAtime 4000 StarBox
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With the control and security of self-hosted solution, and the hardware management and software updates of a hosted solution, NOVAtime 4000 STARbox is the ideal option for businesses looking for a solution that will provide flexibility in system delivery, as well as the option to move to our hosted solution in the future. Read our Product Overview below to find out what NOVAtime 4000 STARbox can do for you!

NOVAtime 4000 STARbox is a bundled solution that combines our state-of-the-art NOVAtime 4000 software with a fixed configuration server. This provides a managed solution that will fit seamlessly into any organizationís existing IT environment. The STARbox approach eliminates hardware variables, which translates to a faster implementation with more affordable and simplified support. It also offers a more highly tested and reliable software, as well as convenient and automatic software updates through a one-touch process.

Additionally, NOVAtime 4000 STARbox provides many of the advantages of a SaaS solution, including managed hardware and up-to-date software, with an on-premise system that minimizes the use of IT resources. Because it is the same software applied to our multi-tenant SaaS solution, customers have the option to move to a hosted environment at any time, should business needs change.

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