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Data Collection Devices  
Our industry-leading software technology is available with the widest variety of hardware and data collection options, designed to meet the environmental and business requirements of any company. From the basic badge readers to the full-featured self-service kiosks, our hardware options provide the necessary functionality to support all types of work-forces. We offer various input methods, including key-in, bar code, magnetic stripe, biometric (hand or fingerprint), telephone, and web services, in order to provide options needed for various working environments and company security requirements. Additionally, our many connectivity options, ranging from modem to network, wireless, or cellular (GPRS), means that NOVAtime’s data collection devices can be supported in a wide range of work sites and available infrastructures.

Also known as “server push,” the term “push technology” refers to a type of data distribution that automatically delivers data in real time or at defined intervals. NOVAtime was one of the first to market with push technology, beginning in 2006, which now enables NOVAtime 4000 to operate in real time through the use of Internet communication. When data is entered into the NOVAtime 4000 system through any data collection method, the NOVAtime server will automatically send the updated information to system users, without requiring the user to initiate a request for the update. In contrast, “pull technology” polls data and requires the system user to “refresh” or request an update in order to view the latest information. NOVAtime 4000 eliminates data polling through the use of push technology, providing system users with the most accurate and up-to-date employee data at all times, from any device.
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